Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tracie + Justin =Fun Wedding!

I was excited to photograph Tracie & Justin's wedding at the beautiful Plantation House. What a fun wedding! I think you'll be able to tell by the pictures. It also doesn't hurt that Tracie is very photogenic and looks gorgeous in every picture. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aimee & Trey Engaged!

One thing I love about my job is all the neat places I get to go. Aimee & Trey's engagement session was no exception. We went to Castell, population 23. It's a neat little town on the Llano River. Aimee's grandparents had a house there so she spent a lot of time in Castell growing up. We even ran across some of the town's people sitting outside the general store who showed us a "famous rooster" (famous because it's on youtube). Aimee & Trey have a cute meeting story too. They met briefly in high school even though they lived in separate towns over an hour away from each other. They both decided to go to Texas A&M and ended up as next door neighbors in the dorm. They started out as friends and then ended up dating. They are such a sweet couple and I had a great time spending the afternoon with them.