Monday, April 13, 2009

Jennifer & Matt Engaged!

You know those couples that are just so in love you can just see it in everything they do? That's Jennifer & Matt. They were so sweet with each other during the session. They made my job easy! Mix that with a fabulous location and it equals great engagement photos. I'm very excited for their wedding next February!

There were horse stables and they got to ride one! One of the horses was very curious of my camera. He came up and put his nose on my face! I kept taking pictures and these two are from him sniffing me.

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hauppy said...

Christina, you did a great job! I love how well you captured those tender moments between Jenni & Matt. This is how they always are together! Jenni & Matt.... fantastic! I love them and I love you both!What a wonderful way to start my day!